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Hail Damage Restoration


Spring has bloomed and summer is quickly approaching in Colorado. Grass is starting to grow, and, unfortunately, we are firmly in the midst of hail season. Hail season in Colorado strikes fear in the heart of those who’ve experienced major storms in the past. In fact, according to RMIIA, Colorado has recorded the 2nd highest number of hail insurance claims in recent years. Palace Restoration is here to ease your stress during these times. While we can’t control the weather, we can help you prepare for hail and clean up and repair any damage, commercial or residential, that does occur.

How To Prep Your Business Or Home For A Major Storm

  • Inspect Your Roof | Look for any existing damage from a previous storm. Hail and heavy rain can find those weak points in your roof and lead to further damage. Water can soak into the roofing structure and if left unattended can not only cause structural problems but lead to mold as well.
  • Check Your Drains and Gutters | Ensure they are secured safely to the building and clean of debris. Gutters or drainage systems shuttle water off the roof and away from the building to protect your business or home from water damage. If they are dirty or not functioning properly they can be the root of your water damage problem.
  • Check Your Surroundings | Look for any loose or dead branches in surrounding trees. These limbs can break free and smash windows or skylights or damage siding or fencing. Look for anything light enough that a strong wind might topple over. Make sure your fencing is secure.
  • Close Windows and Skylights | Close windows and skylights to keep hail and water out of your building and to keep them as protected as possible from damage.

What To Do If Your Property Is Damaged By Hail?

Unfortunately, this is a common question in Colorado. The answer is simple, reach out to a reputable contractor that can help you manage the process. Whether your home or your business has hail damage, navigating the insurance process can be tricky. Owners need someone in their corner to help manage the claims process with insurance companies. Palace Restoration built great relationships over nearly sixty years with all of the major insurance carriers and many smaller companies. Our team is experienced in ensuring that your claim covers the damage to your building and that the cost of the labor and material are included.

Lastly, and most importantly, avoid “storm chasers”! These are companies that only show up and operate after major hail storms. They commonly go door-to-door after a major storm and convince businesses and homeowners to sign a contract immediately. Palace Restoration recommends verifying business licenses, insurance, websites, and reviews prior to signing any contract from these companies. Several businesses and homeowners have signed contracts and paid for work that was never completed or completed poorly.

Why Should I Choose Palace Restoration?

Palace Restoration has been a trusted, local contractor in the Denver/Metro area since its founding in 1963. Our team’s genuine interest is in helping you navigate stressful times and restoring your peace-of-mind. In addition to our experience, Palace Restoration is fully licensed and bonded. We also hold a Class A license which means we can tackle major projects that smaller companies cannot.

Furthermore, Palace Restoration is not just a roofing contractor. We are able to provide home and business owners with a single point of contact for all repair work after a major hail storm. This provides a major value to businesses and homeowners because they don’t have to manage individual contracts with multiple companies. Palace Restoration will ensure your exterior painting, siding, fencing, windows, skylights, and roofs are repaired professionally. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form today to get started with your hail damage repair!

In addition to hail damage repair, Palace Restoration also specializes in mitigation and reconstruction for:

Restoration Services You Can Rely On

At Palace Restoration, we offer complete restoration and construction remedies for residential and commercial structures in Denver, CO. Our services include damage recovery, remodeling, and project finalization for all types of buildings. Our team handles various tasks, including content restoration, board up shoring, and thorough cleaning. This ensures that our clients in Denver, CO can return to their homes or offices and find them fully prepared and ready for occupancy. Furthermore, we manage essential legal aspects such as obtaining permits and securing quality control insurance. This ensures a seamless progression of your project without any disruptions or obstacles. When disaster strikes, there’s no better team to turn to.

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