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Home Flood Protection Tips


Colorado homeowners know that rain and snow clouds can pass over small parts of the state, or the sky can open up for hours or days. Whether we are dealing with the results of a rainstorm or feet of snow melting on our property, we need to be proactive in keeping our home as protected from a water intrusion as possible.

Keep gutters clear: Keeping gutter and drains clear of debris, like leaves, allows for a free flow of water. Gutters should also be checked in the winter to make sure they are not backed up with ice.

Inspect your roof for build up: During the winter months inspect your roof for snow and ice build up to avoid leaks.

Point your downspouts away from your home: Make sure your gutter runoff is pointed away from your house. If it is pointed toward your house, the water runoff will pool at your house and may cause leaks in your basement.

Elevate utilities: Set your furnace, water heater, electric panel and other critical equipment on pedestals, relocate them to higher floors or, if you have an outdoor fuel tank, anchor it to a concrete slab.

Seal cracks in the foundation: Patch foundation cracks and then apply a waterproofing sealer to basement walls.

Apply coatings and sealants: Add a waterproof coating to exterior walls to help prevent floodwater from leaking into your house through cracks.

Install a sump pump: Use basement sump pumps with a battery backup, so the system still works during a power failure.

Improve landscaping: Regrade your lawn so it tilts away from your house. This avoids water from pooling around the house.

Construct a floodwall: Build a water-tight brick or concrete floodwall to help prevent water from entering an outside window well or stairwell, or to surround and protect utilities indoors.

Water damage is serious and can result in mold, affecting your family’s health. While preventative actions can be taken by property owners, if something goes wrong and you need help restoring your home after an insurance claim, contact Palace Restoration. We have more than 50 years of experience helping Colorado property and home owners navigate unforeseen damage. We understand will want to return your life to normal and feel confident in knowing you have made the right choice when selecting a contractor. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to assist you in restoring your property and well-being through expert insight and effective communication.

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